Basic Steps for Listing a Home 

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Basic Steps for Listing a Home 

Selling a home is no small undertaking, as this is likely one of your most valuable financial assets. At Archway Properties, we’re here to provide a reliable outlet and make selling a home easier and simpler than many other representatives can.  

A big part of a convenient process here involves understanding the steps that go into selling a home. Let’s go over the order of operations you should be considering.  

Personal Timeline 

At least two months before you plan to list, evaluate your finances and your budget. Add up your transaction costs, and calculate your current equity. Also collect documents like title, survey, mortgage and any insurance documentation 

Once this is all laid out, determine how urgently you need to sell the house, and your reasons for it. Is the move tied to a career change or another necessary relocation, or is it more about financial pressures? Urgency will often determine your price.  

Condition and Ability to Sell 

The next step is assessing all the relevant condition factors of your home. This includes cosmetic issues, functional repairs, and any problems you as a homeowner will be unable to fix on your own. No one wants to buy a postponed project, and houses generally have to be in top condition to sell for the price you deserve.  

Price Considerations 

From here, it’s time to determine your price. Establishing a baseline price is as simple as adding the cost of home improvements and the most recent purchase price, then calculating the average rate of appreciation. Do know, however, that this will only be a rough estimate. You should also check similar properties that were sold recently, and if possible get an on-site appraisal from a third party.  

Cleaning and Staging 

A few weeks before listing, it’s time to clean and declutter the home. Clean all debris, and consider a storage unit if you have lots of clothing, decorations, furniture and other items still inside. After this it’s generally time to stage, though in the case of our buyers at Archway, a traditional staging often isn’t necessary.  

List and Market 

Down similar lines, listing and marketing the property may go a bit different with us than they would in many other situations. Most of the time, you’ll have to advertise the property where possible and assemble the right products for listing. In many cases with us, this level of detail isn’t necessary.  

For more on the steps of listing your home for sale, or to find out about any of our services, speak to the pros at Archway Properties today.  

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