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Frequently asked questions and concerns:

How the Archway Homes Sell your house fast process works:

Step 1 – Call 913-599-5000 and tell us about your property! Quick, easy and free!

Step 2 – We will set up a walk through appointment to view the property at your convenience.

Step 3 – We will present you a fair, no obligation offer!

Step 4 – We will close in as little as 3 days or date of your choice!




“I can’t sell right now, because the house is full of so much STUFF!” We know that sellers and their families can get overwhelmed by the abundance of household items. It is easy to pinpoint the items of financial and sentimental value, but all the rest . . . We always tell our sellers not to worry. We want sellers to remove whatever is of value to them from the house and they can leave the rest. We have crews that will donate, recycle, or dispose of the rest.

“The house requires so much work and I don’t have the time/money to fix it up.” This is a common concern for all sellers, especially if it isn’t a primary residence for the seller. We buy houses in ‘as-is’ condition. We don’t ask for new roofs, windows, or HVAC systems, etc.

“I want to/need to move, but I have to sell my house first.” We are cash buyers, not agents or someone who will find a buyer for you. If there is a timing issue, we will be happy to work with the home owner to find a solution to the problem. (We’ve even been known to close early and allow the seller’s a couple of weeks to move out!)



Why does Selling a Home have to be so Difficult?

Do you have a property that is not selling? Do you want a  FULL PRICE OFFER?  Archway Homes is a cash buyer for all types of single family homes in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties.  We are able to evaluate a property and Present offers to the seller very quickly.

“Most sellers are unaware of the options we offer.  What they need most is qualified buyer… and we might just be that buyer.  We can buy houses in as-in condition, pay top dollar and close in just a few days…or whenever they’re ready” 

Jon Bichelmeyer, the president of Archway Homes, says it’s normal for people to think they must be desperate before calling him to buy their house.  “It’s a very common misconception.  But until I look at a house and do some research, I wont know my game plan for the property or what I can offer.  But after a single visit to the property and meeting with the homeowners I can let them know exactly what I can do.  My offer is good for 7 days and its only at that point, with my offer on the table, that a seller can decide if I’m gong to become their buyer.”

Do you have a listing that you would like to sell?  Do you have a property listing that needs work?  Do you owe too much?  Do you just need a quick sale?  It may be worth checking in with Jon Bichelmeyer and his staff at Archway Homes.  Call us at (913) 599-5000 or visit us online and sell your house fast.

Sell your house fast “as-is” on the date of your choice for top dollar and call 913-599-5000!



Most Sellers are unaware of the options we offer.  What they need most is a qualified buyer…and we might just be that buyer.  We can buy houses in as-in condition, pay top dollar and close in just a few days…or whenever they’re ready.  Sell your house fast!!



Q & A’s for Archway Properties

Is my house sellable “as is” or will I need to do repairs or updating?

If your house hasn’t been updated recently most buyers will be expecting repairs and updates to be made before they are willing  to consider the house.  Even if they are willing to consider buying the house “as is.”  their offer will be much lower.

Archway properties answer: Archway properties buys houses  “as is”   You wont have the hassle and out-of-pocket expense of repairing and updating.


My house has a lot of “stuff” in it that I don’t want.  What are my options?

A typical buyer will expect that your house is clean and move in ready for close to move in ready.

Archway Property Answer: Archway properties buys houses with or without “stuff.”  You can take the things you want and leave the rest.  We will take care of it for you.



Who pays closing costs when I sell my house?

Traditionally the closing cost were divided between the buyer and seller.  However, in today’s real estate market, buyers typically ask the seller to pay the closing costs including the buyers loan origination fee and a 1 year home warranty.  These are of course negotiable; but if the buyers demands aren’t met, some will just move on to the next house on the market to see if another seller is more motivated.

Archway properties answer: When we buy a house, Archway properties can pay the closing costs.  There are no surprises when a seller signs closing paperwork to complete the sale of the house.  Everything will be in writing and completely transparent to the seller before closing.



When do I need to be out of my house?

Typically when A house is sold, the buyer wants possession of the house the same day.  This can create an inconvenience  if a seller wants  to make sure their house is sold before moving or even looking for a new place to move to.  Sometimes a seller needs funds from the sale of their house to move or purchase a new residence.

Archway Properties Answer:  Archway Properties can purchase the house so the seller is certain that it is sold and the buyer wont back out.  When we buy a house, we can be flexible with moving and possession dates.  We even allow the seller to remain in the house for 1 or more months to transition to their new residence.  This eliminates the hassle and worry of inconvenient moving dates or having to move twice in some circumstances.

Sell your house fast!! Call us today!! 913-599-5000

How do I know if a potential buyer can actually get financing to buy my house?

Almost all home purchase agreements have a contingency based on a buyer getting financing with a particular rate and terms.  Often the sale of the house is left to the frustrating whims of the lender.  Having a buyer that can actually get financing and close in a timely manner in today’s real estate market is often a challenge.  Even so called “cash” buyers often turn out to be  buyers that need to jump through hoops to access funding to close.  Ask a typical buyer what they are willing to do to ensure they can close, such as putting up a non-refundable deposit and you won’t get much of an assurance that they can “close.”

Archway Properties Answer:  Archway Properties is a CASH BUYER.  Having access to private investment funds allows us to buy a house as soon as the title company has checked the title and prepares the closing paperwork.  Typically in as little as days!  Sell your house fast!!

What if the house I want to sell is part of an Estate, Probate, or Medical related?

In circumstances like these, a house can be sold. Although, there can be legal items that need to be taken care of before the sale can be completed.  There are times that typical buyers do not want to wait for these legalities to be completed or deal with their uncertainties.

Archway Properties Answer:  Archway properties has worked with sellers in these situations several times.  In some cases, we have even paid for the legal cost involved to provide a clear title in order to complete the sale.


Isn’t using a real estate agent the best way to sell a house?

Listing a house with an agent and having the house exposed to the market on the multiple listings services  is sometimes a good solution.  However, there are a number of considerations to take into account:  Do I want to make repairs or updates for the house to be competitive on the market?  Do I want to keep the house in a show ready condition and be prepared for agents to call at any time with potential buyers that may not be serious about buying?  Am I prepared for the net  amount from the sale of the house to be much less than what the agent originally tells me it will be?  If a potential buyer makes an offer on the house, am I prepared for the further negotiations and demands after a whole house inspection and appraisal is performed?

Archway Properties Answer:  We buy houses “as is” without any hassle from start to finish.  We buy a number of houses each month in every price  range across all areas of Johnson and Wyandotte County and the Kansas City Metro region.  We can close fast because we use private funds that don’t require long, drawn-out bank approvals.  If your property qualifies, you will receive a firm written offer.  We’ll be 100% direct, clear and honest with you.  If we come to an agreement, we can close in just a few days and pay you cash.  We handle all of the paperwork and make all of the arrangements, so you can get on with your life!   Call today and sell your house fast!! 913-599-5000.

Jon believes the three biggest reasons a house doesn’t sell are: 1) it is overpriced, 2) it is poorly marketed, or 3) it is not fixed up to show well.  ” I can pay a fair price on  a home that needs work.  I might even plan to increase the value or marketability by adding a bedroom or bath, finishing a basement or installing  a new heating system.  Brand new carpet and paint will go a long way to attract a qualified buyer.  But I understand that many sellers don’t have the time, inclination or money to  remodel a house…just to get it sold.  We solve that problem for sellers. ” sell your house fast!!

Overpricing a home could be the biggest mistake.  Listing agents sometimes suggest (or a seller might decide) to ask for a higher price than needed.  This might be to test the market or leave wiggle room to negotiate.  However, this can backfire if the seller wants or (or needs) a quick sale, or when the “days on market” stacks up causing buyers to wonder what’s wrong with the property.

Another misconception about how Jon Bichelmeyer buys houses is the idea that he’s  probably looking for sellers in financial distress.  “Look, when a seller is out of time or out of options, then I’m usually their best solution — If their property is not over financed.  But most people headed for foreclosure are either overleveraged or actually looking to save their house.  If I buy the house the seller must move.  They really need to get into a more affordable home…but sometimes I can help by swapping properties. ”

Jon warns about companies and real estate investors who target distressed homeowners.  “Recent laws have been passed in Kansas that apply to any business and investor who targets people in foreclosure.  Be cautious, do your research and perhaps seek legal advice when anyone wants to charge you an upfront fee for helping to get your loan modified, or…if they’re promising to lease the home back to you.  That rarely works out like the borrower expects and can lead to accusations of fraud.  Perhaps rightly so. ”